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 At Jesus Bread of Life (JBOL) our hearts and hands are dedicated to those experiencing homelessness. Homelessness has no face - it does not discriminate. It knows no age, gender, social standing, religion, or  nationality. So it is with a passionate desire that we serve.  Through our service we’ve realized that the more helping hands that get involved, the further our reach and assistance can go. 


In 2019, we have decided to take JBOL to another level and develop mobile outreach. With “JBOL On Wheels” - a food truck outreach initiative- we'll be able to travel to multiple parts of Camden, NJ; praying, feeding and showing God’s love to those in need.


It is our hope that the JBOL food truck will allow us to touch more lives and act as an instrument to bring awareness to homelessness in South Jersey.

Want to roll with JBOL?

With your gift of any amount, you will be the helping hands that allow JBOL to continue providing physical and spiritual nourishment.

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